Why we need Buddhism? How to solve the problem

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Sri Lanka have lots of Spiritual practises especially Sri Lankan Buddhist use to solve problem

They even ask help from Peretha and yaksha (ghost) if you are interested, I can explain lot. Government system not helping them, according to Buddhist they must be self-reliant and must look after each other. Buddha talk lot about obligation towards other. Because not having Buddhist education they are seeking help from bodhi tree, if not existing Arahath or Buddha. Buddha told his help is wisdom. You must heal yourself. When we do good things God Always help. Later stupid people go and ask help from devils or peretha. Buddha told human must help them, today Sri Lankan Buddhist asking help from them. To get job, to find good husband, to kill enemy, to win court cases. Some of the popular leaders doing so. May be because they want to promote stupidity not because believing them. They know how they are keeping their power and control. Mainly making everyone stupid and controlling and destroying smart patriots and true leaders.

If you are a Buddhist at least get to know Kalama Suttha, Damma Dayada Suttha, Maha Sathipattana Suttha. what suthra going to justify your mind, verbal and bodily actions, beliefs or values.

Why wasting your time, money and energy without knowing real Buddhism. by practising those stupidity you are going to hell.

Help us to save 22 million people in Sri Lanka and the Buddhism from few political criminals who acting as a terrorist.

Siddhartha Gauthama born in India preached Buddhism long back in History almost 2500 years ago influenced many countries including Sri Lanka. Buddhist teaching based on four noble truths. Many of lessons was recorded in Thripitaka. Time to time some monks damage Buddhism to create easy livelihood and gain some power. Same time some of the rulers used Buddhism to gain power manipulating original Buddhist teaching. Somehow as a result of lots of sacrifices and game playing Sri Lanka could rescue original Tripitaka. Today we are facing worst time period in Buddhism and Sri Lankan History. Sri Lanka the 22 million people in the custody of worst type of criminal gang (terrorist) who are keep calling them government. Let me explain how this problem developed to this level. In 1948 Sri Lanka got independence from British government. At that time Sri Lanka was better country compared to all the Asian countries. They had better education and governing system. Most of the people had better English communication. When the British Left Sri Lankan Ethnic groups was working together. Until 1977 Sri Lanka had better regional corporation too. Since Independence so called Sri Lanka politician Started to destroy the country systematically. At once they could not destroy people. They created ethnic tensions, religious tensions, which start making people discriminate, abuse each other. They created so called rebels and terrorist groups and make Sri Lankan fight each other that account for more than 100 000 youth lives as a form of civil war. They systematically destroyed every type of livelihood including agriculture, they destroyed ancient corps, introduced Chemical to use in Agriculture and promoted overuse.

They systematically destroyed Buddhist, and Buddhism, Buddhist monk and Buddhist voice been destroyed in the blackmail, bribe, character attack and labelled, threatening, or killed. Now Sri Lankan Buddhist people do not know what’s the Buddhism is, their trained criminal in the Buddhist costume teaching something what is not Buddhism, as a new formed rituals people waste time, money and energy. According to Buddhism those rituals against the teaching. Tipitaka Which all the buddhis teaching have been recorded not been available to all the people. There was famous Sinhala Tipitaka call Buddha Jayanthi Tipitaka. They are trying hard to destroyed that. Sinhala Tipitaka apps has been destroyed. Websites such as have given access to Buddhist teachings now showing wrong information. Criminals took control over these websites one month ago. Even the poor people in hunger will donate every rupee they have to criminal monks with expectation of going to heaven after death. They do not equip with problem solving skills, they are crying in front of statues or Bodhi trees. These so-called Buddhist monks destroy people’s self – esteem completely and they do not know why is so many problems around such as their bad health, poor economy, relationship problem, stress and emotional burdens. These criminal monks make them feel stupid, guilty. Only option is giving money and engaging in expensive Pooja. Criminal monks help political figures to pool people and heil them as kings. These criminals together destroyed Buddhism, Education System, Governing system, legal system. they show no accountability or transference at all. There are no such vicious criminals ever in the history.

Why these criminals are so powerful?

These Sri Lankan criminal terrorist network members are very skilful, educated and ruthless and dangerous than Hitler and Pol Pot.

Since long time these criminals collected so much foreign currencies many ways including foreign debt, foreign Aids from governments, NGO Funds, Charity Funds and other funds send by Sri Lankans in other countries. Government did not spend at lest 30% to build assets. Government welfare, NGO and charities not even spend 1% of the fund given by foreign nations. been given to public. Government keeps printing money but not distributing trough public or private banking system correctly, but they privately can get as much as they want and can use as they want.

They have built very powerful influential network with criminals, terrorist as well as other decent communities. They have many faces hard to recognized. They may be able to influence other country leadership and policymakers.

They may be even performing varies fake fights telling they are against oppressive government. Doing that they may even strengthen terrorist funds and real fighters will not get opportunity to address the world, build network or get any kind of help. They are even in a religious costume such as Buddhist monk, NGOs, Charities, community leaders

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In the beginning my father criticised those, then stop criticizing those and watching he did not take much effort to educate mother, then he became unconscious about those. Later mother was forcing him to do lots of stupid things. Then I also became a victim more than him. Because of mother my sisters became stupid. Because of thinking of whole country my father did not had time to focus on family. I am advising you to focus on family and friends around you. if they became stupid you will not have any power to even became yourself.

My Sisters are also well educated but their confidence defend on future tellers or some stupid poojas. Even for dream ( night mare); they are getting helpless and getting scared. this not just my reality this is the reality of of more than 95% of peoples reality. but they are not confident enough to admit truth, they are getting scared. Do you know some people so called Buddhist but they also worshiping Sea shells called " Walampoori" and some bones and seek help to be heathy, wealthy, and happy. they have forgotten buddha's path of intelligence. Doctors, engineers and Lawyers among them. this is systematic, well organized attack happened to Buddhism, and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan believe something, do one thing, tell another thing, they even can not be honest to themselves. Lets start becoming honest to ourselves. I am exposing truth, challenging people so I am experiencing lots of love and hatred; more hatred at the moment, but it will change, get together with me fore you become helpless inside your own family or temple. Lets launch campaign against stupidity in everyway.

Reality of Sri Lankan Buddhism
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Reality of Sri Lankan Buddhism working on paper
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1634101354914_How to protect Buddhism for next 2500 years ago (1)
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Please understand I can not be perfectionist, I do not have Sinhala typesetting I am using Voice typing. I could not protect my previous well prepared documents. If I am going to Waite to communicate until Everything is ok, then it will never happen.

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