To My Dear Friends

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Dear Friends!

Most of these voice typing, there may be spelling and grammar mistakes. fell free to share this email and attachment with everyone. as Sri Lankan Army told me this was the only option left ( but somehow they failed too. may be no one alive today. they stand up for the country and humanity.

death is inevitable. even natural death is very painful. people spend many days, months starving and thirsty. we can have good life without harming others. compare lifestyle and life standard of richest man in Sri Lanka (Mahinda) and your lifestyle and life standard if you are living in a foreign country like Australia.

they created this game which everyone loosing this life and afterlife. don't get lost in professional ego, stupidity, hatred and jealousy. even Bill gates have limit of pleasurer he can enjoy. no one is going to born as king. kingship is suffering is a responsibility. fame what's the heck is that? only low self-esteem people seek love approval from others and like to be famous.

be sure about everything you want, learn to satisfy those without damaging others. please give this message to others. as a society if we are smart enough we do not have to sacrifice priorities to get what we want. please read my attached story and check the wheel of life why we have to give some of our dreams.

do not betray each others until you are getting your chance. more than 22 million people suffering in Sri Lanka. we are not living forever. death can be painful. what about samsara life after death?

take risk but manage. I am doing my best to manage risk

Bodhaka Irugal Bandaralage


1634359457696_Why I am here at hospital.docx
Download PDF • 631KB

What we want

Why we want

What stopping us

how to get what we want

what resources, knowledge, people we need

Is it achievable by when?

How Terrorist control us

Terrorist techniques! (1)
Download PDF • 93KB

What we are currently doing against terrorists

Sri Lanka at war against terrorisom5
Download PDF • 376KB

Do not tolerate stupidity or terrorism!

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