Sri Lankan Political Criminals

I made big communication mistake labelling Sri Lankan Political Criminals as a Terrorist Group. Help me to correct the miscommunication.

Please note: we should not hate them, they are also victim of Building up culture, understand the complete picture of the problem and get behind with the solution

Public Engagement campain - recruting team
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22 million people in Sri Lanka and your country in danger? Help us to fight against Political Crime & Poverty in Sri Lanka!

Who told lies, mislead your government, government agencies, NGOs, Doners and the public? These They have facilitated, terrorism and crimes involved in huge $ Trillions of frauds and raising Sri Lankan Political Criminals funds, killing of over 100 000, tortured and abused so many. They protected who are responsible for the crime and terrorisms!

They involved in Sri Lankan Political Criminals propaganda, Negotiations, killing, abusing, and torturing.

Why are they labelled as a world most dangerous Sri Lankan Political Criminals Organisation?

· They are accountable for more than 100 000 deaths, these deaths involved firearms, explosives. most of the killing involved toucher, sometimes they labelled deaths as disappearances. Sri Lankan Sri Lankan Political Criminals network responsible for torturing people including who worked for them like slave, when considering their cruelty, and capacity they are the most dangerous Sri Lankan Political Criminals ever in the human history. Sri Lankan Political Criminals group determined and to destroy Sri Lankans, destroying international peace, and global humanity. They enjoy playing with Leaders, public, decision makers and Law enforcements of the international community. They want to see more blood, killing, torture, abuses, hardships.

· They organized lead riot against civilians (black July...). They created and maintained other Sri Lankan Political Criminals identities such as LTTE, JVP and Jama Islamiyah. They are directly responsible for even recent church bombing. They purposely created and promoted hatred, mistrust among communities based on ethnicity, religion, cast, social classes that cost so many lives.

· They participated, organise mass rape in universities. They have killed, torture abused University students. University Staff also involved in these.

· They have created So many hard ships for the public, fulfilling their necessities. Peoples are starving.

· They kill, abused, torture, misused, mislead professionals in government administration including Armed forces, central bank, Attorney general department, and auditor general’s department

· They have, killed, abused, and got ransom from entrepreneurs and who engage in businesses.

· They have Destroyed governing system including welfare system, education system, legal system

· They have been fooling international community and trying hard to destroy other countries as well. Involved in $ Trillions of Financial frauds. For a long time, these criminals collected so much foreign currency in many ways including foreign debt, foreign Aids from governments, NGO Funds, Charity Funds, and other funds sent by Sri Lankans in other countries. Government did not spend at least 30% to build assets. Government welfare, NGO and charities do not even spend 1% of the funds given by foreign nations. been given to the public. Government keeps printing money but not distributing it through the public or private banking system correctly, but they privately can get as much as they want and can use as they want

· They have violated Constitution and legislations many times, which they have been used to call them a government.

· They destroyed Tipitaka, they destroyed Buddhist education, killed abused and controlled Buddhist monks.

· They have committed, facilitated, and promoted killing, torture, abuses, hardships. Helpless people are crying for themselves and thinking of their children's future. Their cruelty has enforced on every layer of the Society.

· Now they are fighting against current government and trying to destroy democratic movement.

The Sri Lankan Political Criminals Group Leaderships:

D S Senanayaka and Dadly Senanayaka Laid the foundation for the terrorism. Sri Lankan Political Criminals mission, strategies and tactics and culture is created by J R Jayawardana. He led the operation from the beginning. He was the founding leader of the Sri Lankan Political Criminals organisation. Bandaranayaka, and everyone came after power support the Sri Lankan Political Criminals mission.

Today Top Visible Sri Lankan Political Criminals Leader is Ranil Wikramasinghe. Mahinda Rajapaksha, Gotabaya Rajapaksha, Chandrika Bandaranayaka Kumarathunga, Maithreepala Sirisena, Sajith Premadasa, Anura Kumara Disanayaka, Kumar Gunarathnam, GL Peris, Current Attorney General and Sarath N de Silva, other members of the Rajapaksa Family are well known in their Sri Lankan Political Criminals participations.

They have been disguising as Government, Political leaders, ambassadors, Human rights activists, humanitarian workers, and community leaders, Buddhist monks, Lawyers, UN representatives, Sri Lankan political party representatives, Law enforcement members. They spread untruthful information, conduct fake fights, fake dialogues, fake negotiations, fake media releases. about Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan problems, and the Sri Lankan Political Criminals leaderships.

Their vision/mission & motives

Destroy Sri Lankans, Destroy International Peace, Destroy humanity, Torture People. They enjoy playing with decision makers. They enjoy peoples suffering. Their motives are hidden can not be recognised by body language or eye clue assessing. Hope you people clear about the end and means they have used.

Their Strategy and Tactics

o Making Everyone Stupid

o Attacking Leaders, Decision makers, and Key personals (in Governments, Public administrations, Law enforcements, Legal systems, INGOs, NGOs, UN, CBOs, Community, Media, Social Media Groups, and Forums)

o Making General Public in Sri Lanka and around the world Misused, mislead, and confused.

o Bribe & blackmail

o Use killing and terror when necessary

How are they Making General Public Misused, mislead and confused in Sri Lanka?

· They are destroying public education, schools, universities, Libraries, and Internet. They publish books full of stupidity, they published Wrong information as a Credible Authors and Book title previously published. They want to destroy our empowering beliefs, values, and knowledge. They are teaching wrong history and philosophies. They have Destroyed Tipitaka (Buddha’s teaching). They use teledramas and movies to destroy beliefs, values, creating social norms which helping Sri Lankan Political Criminals activities. Monks ask to tolerate crimes; they are creating stupid loyalty towards criminals.

· They are carrying out international propaganda against every country including USA, India, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia. They accused international community as a main reason for Sri Lankan problems. They are Showing all the bad, bad things happening in the world and ask people to feel how lucky we are. Most of the time they are exaggerated, or complete false information.

· They keep fooling one country after one country, If the leadership change, they can fool the country again. So, they keep receiving funds from almost every country.

· Sri Lankan Political Criminals leadership image building work trying hard to maintain public trust. They are telling I am working like Putin, or Singapore leaders.

· Whoever they themselves have been calling (different political parties, NGO, Public interest groups, Trade unions) they all manage and lead by Sri Lankan Political Criminals group.

· They organise mass protest and public disobedience campaigns, their objectives not clear, reasons are not clear, never try to use other options to educate decision makers. Not telling the solutions, they are running away when talking about the consequences of their action. Sometimes they are just shouting Buddhism under attack, our education under attack, our values under attack, asking to protest. Sometimes they organise mass rally against terrorism. Many They pretend to be freedom fighters and against terrorism. Sometimes they give money and Alcohol, and meal to participants. They never use truthful information, not defining problems, not showing accountability or not introduce better alternatives.

· Sri Lankan Political Criminals fund raisers launched fundraising campaigns under the title of “Against terrorism “, “Protect Human rights”, “poverty eradication”, “environment protection”. But they have not been used for the advertised purposes at all but for the Sri Lankan Political Criminals activities and crimes. They even asked to give jewelleries for the sake of Sri Lanka.

· They create fake fights, fake accusations among them, but still working together, not taking legal actions. No prosecution available too.

· They create dramatic criminal activities very often and public media and propaganda going to focus on them, so called experts, and media spokesman playing around it. and making public forget the big picture of the problems they are facing. They make people taking these crimes even funny or just normal.

· No media available to communicate to public when talking about real problem or solutions.

· These They have done the biggest damage using Buddhism. Today most of the Sinhalese Buddhist not aware of Buddhism. Sri Lankan Political Criminals group members hide as a Buddhist monk. They are trying to destroy Tipitaka and its Sinhala Translation. They spread hatred among Sinhala Buddhist communities telling Buddhism is under attack by foreigners and other religions. Even the poor people in hunger will donate every rupee to criminal monks with the expectation of going to heaven after death. They are not equipped with problem solving skills, they are crying in front of statues or Bodhi trees. These so-called Buddhist monks destroy people’s self – esteem completely and they do not know why there are so many problems around them such as their bad health, poor economy, relationship problems, stress, and emotional burdens. These criminal monks make them feel stupid, guilty. Only option is giving money and engaging in expensive Pooja. They keep telling people's misery because of Bad Karma and make them inferior to criminal politicians. They want to tolerate all the criminal activities.

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Srilankan Political Criminals
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