Request to Army, Police and Legal Professionals

Request to army, police, and legal professionals

Army, police, and legal professionals are the most powerful stake holder group which are capable of changing criminal political culture of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, they do not understand their individual and collective power and lacking the will to fight for justice, their professional rights and human rights of the citizen.

Army done grate sacrifice and went through lots of suffering. They bare so many casualties including death. New recruits must not forget what happened to past comrades. They subjected to lots of betrayal as a results big camps wife out, best offices secretly assassinated. Hopefully you have hard what happened to General Kobakaduwa and other top offices in that time. Army intelligence service and Mahason brigade had destroyed. Recently Field Martial Sarath Fonseka and associates subjected to torture and abuse. Talented officers getting early retirement.

Police baring unbearable pain and responsibilities. They are struggling to feel good about themselves. They can not fulfill their professional duties independently. They ordered to surrender LTTE and got assassinated. Good officers are subjected to torture and abuse. They have to salute underworld figures. Everyone knows the stories related to Sothi Upali and Madush. They have carried our illegal and unfair assassination including unarmed civilians and prisoners. Shani Abewikrama still in the prison.

Legal professionals have been given two choices. Leave the country or become honourable criminal, who support and justified crimes, and frauds. Willingly or unwillingly, they support injustice. They can not keep professional dignity.

Unfortunately, we do not stand up against this criminal political culture and putting everyone’s this life and next life in danger.

I am asking police and bar association to work together against government, ministers, and top officials on the ground of professional negligence. Without much effort we can claim the damages.

I am asking Army, Police, and legal professionals to get behind one strategy, the Full democratic process. Please check the link.

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