Proposal to Gotabaya

Updated: Jun 16

The Proposal of one year project

Sri Lankans who lost everything immigrated to another country got successful. Lots of peoples lost lives and many lives below poverty. Many struggle, few who became successful today do not have enough money to immigrate to another country to secure their future. Educated people showed blind eyes to the problem, many ignorantly avoid the challenge. In very near future it will come to the level that no one can avoid. Government will not be able to pay wages. Tax will be increased. Inflation will increase. People's suffering will increase to the level they can not bare any further. Social unrest will continue. This is not a time for short term political gain or popularity. Sri Lanka in critical condition. If we delay finding solution it will be too costly.

All the parliamentarians, ministers and their associates do not have intention, will, vision or the skills needed for develop country. Damages which happened due to negligence and incapacity is higher than the frauds. Further they can not build confidence and support of the local and international community, professionals, investors, and the businesses

Request to government: the agenda

1. Do not engage in suicidal game. Time to respectfully surrender to peoples request and hope for the developed nation

2. Communicate Full development and change Agenda to public and start operating fully accountable and transparent manner

3. Releasing Shani Abewikrama, and Ranjan Ramanayaka

4. Conduct investigation and court proceeding on past government ministers on crime, fraud and negligence.

5. Only solution is intern government led by Sri Lankan Army. Army is the least politically influenced, least corrupted, and have capacity and the will to find solution. Army will coordinate necessities and facilitate planed change intervention.

6. During this period all other government organisation will restructure, and employees will be trained. New legislations, policies for 17 ministries, strategic plan for 100 years with development agenda will be developed.

7. New constitution

8. Economy: Currency and economy will match the Australian currency and economy. New valuation of assets and liabilities will be calculated accordingly. New labour law and minimum wages. Long-term economic policy, accountable transparent government operation will build the confidence of investors. Without barrowing money government will operate in surplus mode.

9. Educate government officials to be Dedicated, Compassionate, Competent Leaders who lead by example and conduct public engagement on the process

10. To Promote political solution and win trust of all the stake holders and negotiate successfully without compromising (Win – Win) overcome objection eliminating reasons such as ignorance, ego, Jealousy, hatred, fear, greed

11. To Changed culture, beliefs, values, attitudes of the mass by Promoting entrepreneurship, self-reliance, quality consciousness, long term planning, democracy, respect to human rights & individual Autonomy, special needs of children, women & disabled, creative, critical & strategic thinking, win -win negotiation, personal ethics, and integrity as a cultural value of future Sri Lanka

12. To Equip public with communication, English language, goal setting, problem solving, and Leadership skills by promoting self-study course “ plan your life create your destiny.

13. Training 15 000 community leaders

14. Whole country need coaching on beliefs, values, planning, organising, leading, controlling on successful private life, private organisations, public organisations and the government.

15 Constitution need very few simple amendments to correct the problem

  • President not above the Law

  • President need executive power to lead the Nation

  • President together with ministers lead the executive branch, as ministers shows incapacity 17 Army generals will do the business for now till next election, parliamentarian can monitor their performance

  • When allocating Budget, objectives, and project plan must be clear with log frame analysis

  • Government position description, recruitment and selection plan, performance appraisals, accountabilities must be clear.

  • All government organisations must be restructured, change management plan must be there

  • Strategic plan and Policy framework for 17 ministries must be finalise

  • Prime minister together with parliament lead the legislature branch, also monitor executive branch

  • Constitution must recognise all the 30 human rights as in UN Charter

  • Executive, judiciary, and legislature branch of government must be open to feedback and criticism

Charges against present and past governments

· Doing crime against 22 million people

· Fraud

· Engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct

· Negligently avoid responsibilities, did not had strategic plan or policies

· Constitution violation

· Destroying governing system its accountability and transparency

Offer for politicians of current and past governments:

· Admit their failure, crime, fraud, and negligence

· Maximum of 7 years of Jail term

· Prison condition will be improved for all the prisoners

· Investigation and Court hearing on misleading and deceptive conduct, negligence, fraud, and crimes

· Surrender to Full audit

Proposal to Gotabaya
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Citizenship education
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Coaching plan
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