One Mission

•Our mission is to form a accountable, transparent, fiscally responsible, socially progressive government that promotes individual achievement, personal responsibility, human rights, and strategic planning is accountable to all Sri Lankans, listens to its people, embraces innovation, preserves the best of our unique heritage and diverse cultures and learns from the past and motivated to create better future.

•Unite us in one mission, vision, & workable plan

•Sri Lanka have been going in to bad to worst. Rather than waiting to help in worst case scenario when the total population of 20”359”439l need foreign Intervention or immigrate to another country

•Rather than keep complaining about the problem, we need well planed intervention carried out by intern government

•Detail planning required; public education required

•If there is no vision, we perish;/ Failed to plan; plan to failed

•Get everyone involved

•Win-win negotiations & corporations

•Believe in Karma, God and humanity of love & compassion

•Value Truth fairness, justice & sustainability

•What we are saying, why we are saying it, How we are saying it

•Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy

•Mindfulness and awareness of our Basics

Please find resources for brainstorming

One Misson
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