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Updated: Apr 24

I am asking your honest feedback on Nationalistic political principles put together. please help me to differentiate from fake nationalism, socialism and capitalism. Current Sri Lankan political culture is underworld mafia not fallowing nationalism, socialism or capitalism principles. we have to correct the misconceptions. all these ideologies promote honesty, truth, accountability and transparency and common good to all the citizens.

Current political parties in Sri Lanka have poor ideological basis. People have lots of misconception about political ideologies. Last 73 years Sri Lankan government did not adapt any national principle. It is not the capitalism or socialism. It did not take care of people. It operated like underworld. All the citizens suffer because of stupidity and cruelty regardless of ethnic, religious, or other differences. The rule using, force, lies, deception, fear, bribe, and corruption. Previously I have communicated cruelty and crimes happened to Sri Lankans. Here I am Trying to correct some of the misconception people have about the world and political ideologies.

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Political phylosophy
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Buddhist Lesson to Leadership
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Education program in development
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