Model Constitution

Updated: Apr 24

National Boundaries with the map

Our country vision, mission, values and principles

Government Structure and professional obligation, disciplinary procedure, and Leadership and professional Ethics to establish serious accountability

Must tell All the Human rights will be guaranteed to every citizens including basic living standard, safety and communication and better education

Assurance to prevent enemy attack, bribery, corruptions and mistakes total transparency of communication, agreement and financial transections

Maintain feedback and knowledge management system

Problem solving model

Goal setting model

Conflict resolution and negotiation model

Basic budget template

Government staff recruitment, selection and performance review

Government purchase and supplies details in detail including supplier

Basic citizenship Education

Every two week meeting and reporting of ministers (17 ministers and top Executive)

Every details must be visible to public.

Leadership and professional ethics of duty bearers

Model Government Administran
Download PPTX • 4.68MB

Basic Citizenship Education
Download PDF • 2.40MB

Legal framework design template (1)
Download DOCX • 14KB

Police issue (1)
Download DOCX • 14KB

negotiation around terrorisam and defence.8 (1) (1)
Download PDF • 246KB

Health Policy Development.2 (1)
Download PDF • 152KB

Guide to Budget
Download DOCX • 15KB

Basic Strategic plan 1
Download DOCX • 14KB

Basic Legal requirement of Every organisation
Download DOCX • 14KB

My development framework
Download DOCX • 990KB

Another Proposed Constitution By Nagananda Kodithuwakku

Current Constitution which is been violated again and again

Download PDF • 7.42MB

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