Let's Learn English and Teach English

We have a goal of making every Sri Lankan competent in English communication and able engage internationally and making friends and doing business. Please join the Mission as a teacher or student.

This is few resources I have develop to learn English. More resources will add later on.

  • Daydream about international career

  • Please focus on developing, Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking

  • Do not feel shy or worry of making mistakes and be proved of your confidence to make mistakes

  • Think you meet someone from overseas and you wanted to tell about your country, about your family history, about your hopes and dreams, now develop imaginary conversation.

  • Search internet about your area of interest, deepen your knowledge in English

  • Use google translator

  • Guess the meaning of words based on context.

  • Learn at least 10 new words and make sentences, Learn 5 phrase a day

  • Start family conversation in English

  • Start learning personal development & management in English

  • Teach English to young Siblings or friends

  • Start thinking in English

Spoken English
Download DOCX • 947KB

Applyed English Grammar final Book (1)
Download DOCX • 302KB

English writing final (1)
Download DOCX • 463KB

Citizenship education
Download PDF • 30.94MB

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