Just a little reminder to my dear friends

My enemy first tried to kill me using underworld mafia, terrorist organisations and secret services spreading untruthful information about me. then they try to use me in their propaganda locally and internationally. then they told my personality strong enough. after told i am psychiatric patient. Now they called grandiose ( kind of delusional overconfidence) I feel what when I remembers what other leaders went through in the past history. going to moon is that grandiose? should that be decide at least with subject expert not the doctors? even some subject expert do not like to stretch out. Am I harmful to anyone? not at all; I am talking about Win - Win - Win outcome for everyone. I am talking about weapons must be irrelevant!. am I self harming? no I love my life but I decide to enjoy life while protect others rights to enjoy life.(I am still missing ETY and ODINI, rocks and mountain) lakes, bird songs, some of the yummy foods........)

Then find our who are my enemies and the motives. richest man in Sri Lanka do not enjoy life standard or life style like me. they are jealous. They like to enjoy suffering of all of us ( not just mine next tern may be yours) may be they are using you against me using your greed, professional ego, fear. but do not forget its not just end of me but end of yours, your loved ones and 22 million people. Lets stand together. dream together, lets work hard to make it a reality. if other nations could why we can not?

Anyway we are here in earth as human about 70 years. there are something after that too.... don't forget. think bit self interest of this life and afterlife! smarties know we can not have better this or afterlife without making making life of others better.

Think bit where are you came from? who help you this far? others are different to us? is there anything you can learn looking at others lives? almost everything are common or ant differences?

Lets stand together with Win - Win - Win Mantra it is not grandiose! we all have rights to represent it.

Lets every Sri Lankan Learn English and communicate with the wide world. we do not need government for that lets start it NOW. next week I am starting English communication lesson to be like Chinese and Israeli in communication :). Hope they forgive or blessing to our success.

Do not forget I can not understand "Sunday observer" I am sure Australian prime minister can not too

Lets Stand together for everyone's rights to happy fulfilled life and against stupidity and ignorance

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