is Sri Lanka under attack? or they are asking help?

Sri Lankan politician always complain about foreign invasions. They are telling American, Chinese or multinational companies destroying Sri Lanka?

Do they know the name of the company? Registered in which country?

Is Sri Lankan government scared of the company? Why?

Have they done any damages to the country? What damage?

Have they report to the Authority of the relevant country?

Have they use the legal system of that country?

Did the problem not answered?

Anyway, whose job is that, protecting the country? Even before damage is happened. Is it Law enforcement of that country? We would like to know in Sri Lanka who is responsible. Legal system? Police or any mechanism. Who is not fit for the job?

Have they issue any media releases without doing any of the above? Why?

How we are going to fix the problem

I have strong assumption, those companies belong to Sri Lankan originated person. If any foreigners done the damage that’s because of to get paid by Sri Lankan originated person.

I am just talking about last 73 years. are there lots of cases like that? I think I can solve these cases? ask me how?

it is easy to correct the problem where developed country involved. But hard to solve Sri Lankans created problems in Sri Lanka. want inspiration read Tipitaka? Miggima nikaya?

Anyway, according to your how we can correct the problem. any expert suggestions? lets be honest to ourselves?

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