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Updated: May 22

I was deeply involved in developing solution for Sri Lanka especially since 2019. I was sadly watching as Sri Lanka is going down. According to my analysis it is because of weak, corrupted, criminal political leadership. I was trying to bring attention to problem and the solution, but it was not effective. I have seen time is running out. I want to tell that to Army, police, attorney general’s department, bar association, legal professionals, media, and public about the power they have. I acted alone and my resources were low. I could not get corporation from anyone. I knew chance for success is less than 1% but I took the chance to prevent what we are experiencing today.

  • I build the case against government and political culture which explained why they are illegal, contacted the attorney general but he avoid the challenge

  • I contacted the president office and prime minister’s office and asked them to surrender

  • I was telling Army, and police to take the control of the country, and lead the one-year democratic process and have election in one year time.

  • I instructed to Army and police to take all the parliamentarians and former government leadership into custody and bring them to justice. I also told to kill them if they are not surrendering.

  • I did not compromise the national defence, I even contact the defence sectary

  • I asked corporation and help from the Sri Lankan embassies

  • I contacted the political leaders which I could and asked them to surrender

  • I send my case to other international governments

  • I told general public to support Sri Lankan Army, Police and full democratic process and share the website.

  • I did not misuse any of the name of Authorities for propaganda, I took responsibility alone

  • For the communication purposes I used

The results and reactions

  • Every authority avoided the challenge, showed blind eye

  • General public did not circulate the massage, friends got scared

  • Spam call to Australian Law enforcements and health channels that I am issuing delusional political statements which is not true.

  • International community had difficulty to understand the Sri Lankan political context

But after the short period of like 8 Month, Sri Lanka is bankrupt, disasters are keep coming. I have developed complete political solution for Sri Lanka. I am planning to come to Sri Lanka, start political party and start negotiating with all the stakeholders.

I want to know the understanding of Army, police, and attorney general’s department of what I did and their standing. I want to know is there any legal proceeding against me?. I want to know do they want further information? This is about Lives of over 20 million people, gross violation of human rights and the serious crimes and future of the generations to come.

Here I am showing the document I published in my website

Sri Lanka at war against terrorisom
Download PDF • 381KB

Srilankan Political Criminals (1)
Download DOCX • 32KB

Get behind the Proposed Full Democratic Process, We can not find solution without admitting the truth. Hope at least Sri Lankan Army can stand least political influenced and not corrupted organisation and keep hope for Sri Lanka.

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