I am asking Australian prime Ministers help

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Today I asked serious help from federal police and Victorian police. I am forcing medication by doctors. I am trying to explain doctors but they are not trying to understand. I do not know based on what they make decisions. I ask questions from doctors but they are not providing any answers make them better understood. they do not know anything about Sri Lankan political culture, manipulation, terror techniques. without knowing anything they are are jumping to conclusions as I am delusional. they do not record things i am telling, they record their interpretations. now I had to face mental heath tribunal. they are trying to force bad medication on me. previously I got week with medication. at least this time I had chance to bring these to attention. this time I send written documents to doctors. previously I did not had that chance. I request information from treating team they are not providing me with what information they make judgements. I have no chance to correct if there is untruthful information or misunderstood information.

I hope you know very famous figure like field martial Sarath Fonseka, Intelligence chief "shani" Sriyani Bandaranaya did not had any justice in Sri Lanka. But Australian doctors based on Sri Lankan Doctors judgements. I did not explain too much problems I am having in Australia not to let them loose focus. I am struggling with little money to find legal representation. previously I was had more practical problems to Fight for my rights and bring the mission forward.

Now I am forced to take medication. I am getting weak and hard to represent my mission. in 04/11/2021 I will have mental health tribunal to force me more bad medication. those medication not change any of my beliefs, values or actions. But if they shows me I am wrong and shows where I am wrong I am ready to change. I am vey good critical thinker. I have provided fallowing documents to doctors and Law enforcements. I am sending comment I made to treating team provided. and some of the document I send to doctors. I also asked to read

I do not need to compensation after the damages done. please save me before they forced medication and disabled me and the interrupt my mission. I am preparing to take serious steps for human right violations in Sri Lanka. I already Informed doctors.

Now I have to prepare answer for metal heath tribunal. since I came to Australia 17th February I was getting stronger. tacking care of me well. Eat, sleep, drink, exercise, meditate, ... I have been every effective, efficient and productive. handling problems and pressure well. doing multiple projects. I do not know what I have to prove further.

I provided fallowing documents and many other documents to doctors

my political vision mission and objectives to law enforcements
Download PDF • 741KB

Why I am here at hospital.docx
Download PDF • 631KB

my story to doctors
Download PDF • 311KB

To send mental heath terbunal together with template
Download PDF • 1.20MB

Terbunal hearing answers
Download PDF • 157KB

my big picture.1
Download PDF • 88KB

demand for my human rights and safety (1)
Download PDF • 64KB

I am suggesting Centrelink provide special space to provide important information about ourselves without any restriction

Special crisis help category to seek help without restriction

Enable Every citizens to claim their ownership of their free will, No Authority have ownership of anyone's life. Authority is there to provide service as client wants. Everyone have rights to refuse any service any time. Accountability and transparency to protect everyone who are doing right things. citizens can see consequences of their action. They have duty of care for them and other.

I will call 000, and Law enforcement when my life in danger. I am expecting their prompt intervention to protect my freedom and safety. I am the one know better about my life and my circumstances. I expect my voice have priority when dealing with my life matters. Sometimes I have been in very disadvantage positions after I got poison and forced medication with poor decision making capacity. Somehow I have been extremely lucky to survive this far.

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