Calling for all the religious leaders we are all together against EVIL

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Whatever the name we use “God” is god. It represent good forces. Kind, loving force expecting good for everyone. We may have different understanding but we can learn from Bible, Koran, Veda or any other books.

Most dangers threats to religion or the world are spirits pretend to be God or evil human pretend to be religious leaders. They have preaching wrong religious information or practises which is not allowed in holy books.

Now some religions are in deep problems; especially Buddhists had Tipitaka Buddha’s teaching, now enemies printed many tipitaka and calming our one is the real Tipitaka.

I am Buddhist, I have many friends from different background. Mainly Christian. They show their loving kindness to me. I also freely express my views. We have great respect for each other. I am telling my friend if you see anything stupid beliefs, value, ritual or behaviour please let me know. According to Buddha that’s what one good thing best friends do. Best friend protect you from danger. Friends wealth, family must be protected from the friends.

Buddhism based on cause and effects. We have to be aware of our mind, verbal and body actions and their results if not consequences (direct, indirect) it must be good for me, other and environment. Must not be harmful to anyone at all. We have to develop this awareness, mindfulness. It’s a practice. Practice make you perfect.

Today most of the Buddhist totally helpless after listening to wrong preaching. They do not know why they spend time, money, and effort without knowing the results. Buddha do not exist anymore. He told believe in themselves and practice Buddha’s teaching. It is useless to praying Buddha. Buddha no longer exists.

Near future we are going to take legal action against wrong Buddhist teachers and Buddhist practices. We know real Tipitaka. Buddha not stupid as these EVIL preachers and stupid followers. We will disclosed all the evil practices.

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