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Updated: Apr 18

Vision: well protected national boundaries & PESTEL and continues development of Inclusive, sustainable, barrier free Sri Lanka for healthy, wealthy, happy, friendly, powerful (resilient, influential, educated, intelligent) citizen living in a well manage environment (PESTEL) with better lifestyle while protecting their personal space and self interest of this life and after life. MISSION Our mission is to form a fiscally responsible, socially progressive Sri Lankan government that promotes above vision, individual achievement and personal responsibility, is accountable to all Sri Lankans, listens to its people, embraces innovation, preserves the best of our unique heritage and diverse cultures and learns from the past and motivated to create better future. Values 1. Unity – We cannot be divided as an ethnicity, religion, cast … etc. but we are united under one Vision, Mission, National Agenda, and Basic Values and Principles. 2. Responsibility – Leader must take 100% responsibility of his own action and accountability for non-action as well. 3. Accountability – expecting governments at all levels to answer to the people for the decisions they have made 4. Transference – we are open, transparent and proud in what we do and why we do it 5. Entrepreneurship – providing a climate where our best and brightest can succeed through hard work and initiative. They create opportunity for themselves and other create value added services and product to make peoples life better, convenient, and happy 6. Self-Reliance – supporting people who are able to help themselves become independent 7. Love and Compassion (Mettha, Karuna, Muditha, Upeksha)– caring for those in society who, through no fault of their own, need support, especially for disabled and people in crisis 8. Stewardship – passing on a natural environment to future generations that is the same or better than the one we inherited. Forest, clean water, clean rivers and beaches, parks, public properties, etc. 9. Patriotism – taking pride in our cultures, our communities build by past and current generation, values we inherited 10. Respect – treating all citizens equally, regardless of ability, race, gender, religion, language, ethnic origin, marital status and/or sexual orientation. Respects others rights to have their own life in their own way as long as it’s not interfering another ones rights. 11. Peace and Non Violence – We believe in peaceful means of transferring powers and interacting each other 12. Ever growing Economy and industries – economy will be developed and sustain using creation of new industries, industry standard, new products and services and developing entrepreneurship. Most of us are in Illusion of Lack of Money. Money means our human effort (Ideas and Physical Labour) and natural resources. Yes Industries like Gambling also boost economy but is it really improve living conditions of the nation. When we pursuing subjective happiness we have to make sure weather this industry really improve human condition. The purpose of existence must be clear. National investments must be increased that result in building up of public property and human skills. Knowledge and Mindset. 13. Enough job Opportunities – Truth is government can create few job opportunities as a government job. But developing economy government can create more job opportunities 14. Quality Education focus on hart mind and hand – to create high skilled professionals and entrepreneurs. Not to be a slave provider for global job market. 15. Quality Healthcare with more focus on preventative care for both communicable and non-communicable disease and enabling people to live 100 years healthy 16. Self-reliant defence system – prevent us from exposing to risk but not keep firefighting and want to be heroes. We need proactive measures as well as our own weapon and strategies. 17. Growing public properties and assets. When we do not need to break down buildings for roads, when the infrastructure build to last we can have growing public properties, assets.

18 Developed nation is not an accident it is results of excellence in beliefs, values, planning, organising, leading and control. We need coaching in all these areas. 19. 80% of energy to set and achieve goals and 20% of energy to prevent and solve problems. Because we only archive something by capitalizing on our strengths

20. Respect to all the human rights in UN declaration of human rights 21. Lead by example with Zero Corruptions – because people fallows what leaders do 22. Zero wastage of resources – when we have clear picture we do not have to brake existing assets but we keep building assets. Our time, money, energy, efforts not to waste or utilize for unproductive or law value thing, even bricks, cement, tree or any other materials not be wasted. 23. Quality Management, productivity, effectives and efficiency – quality must be attitude of everything we do, measure of development and success in today world is quality and best practises. 24. Zero tolerance to drugs and human trafficking and slavery – We need to have empathy for all citizen including who work Middle East, hill country plantations... etc. 25. Free Market and competition – with exemptions to critical areas such as Agriculture. But we have to promote competition to let the best person, best idea, best service or product to be shine. 26. Best person for the best position. This is the only way we can protect morale of every one and ensure successful operation. 27. Unconditional Positive Regards for Our People and their Capabilities – we have very big talent pool only missing is opportunity for the right person. 28. Zero tolerance to bullying and abuses – we have to protect everyone’s dignity 29. One Law, One country – no discrimination when it’s come to Forming and enforcement- all citizens equal under Law. We need new constitution and Election rule. We need to get rid of old Roman Dutch Law and replace it with new International standard. It cannot limit to books but must be enforced. New technologies can be used. 30. Focus – we are going our journey without reacting to our enemies, circumstances or events. We do not react but manage. We do not chase dogs barking at us but continue our Journey

Political phylosophy
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