Can the Buddhist Monk Create Grate Damage to Humanity and Promote Crimes?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Main Objectives: Investigate, Separate, and Destroy Terrorists who are hide as a Buddhist monks and Buddhist teachers Who came from Sri Lanka or influenced by them!

How dangerous they are: They are the great mind manipulators, no ethics at all, they are using Buddha’s image and capable of winning trust and build image of trustworthy teacher. These terrorists are very determined, may be even ready to kill themselves and making other terrorist use incidents for their terrorist propaganda.

Other Objectives: Rescue Real Tipitaka (books of Buddha’s teaching), Buddhist, Buddhism, Buddhist teachers!

Useful Background Information:

“These terrorists have done the biggest damage using Buddhism. Today most of the Sinhalese Buddhist not aware of Buddhism. Terrorist group members hide as a Buddhist monk. They are trying to destroy Tipitaka and its Sinhala Translation. They spread hatred among Sinhala Buddhist communities telling Buddhism is under attack by foreigners and other religions. Even the poor people in hunger will donate every rupee to criminal monks with the expectation of going to heaven after death.

They are not equipped with problem solving skills, they are crying in front of statues or Bodhi trees. These so-called Buddhist monks destroy people’s self – esteem completely and they do not know why there are so many problems around them such as their bad health, poor economy, relationship problems, stress, and emotional burdens. These criminal monks make them feel stupid, guilty. Only option is giving money and engaging in expensive Pooja. They keep telling people's misery because of Bad Karma and make them inferior to criminal terrorists’ politicians. They want to make others tolerate all the criminal activities”

Buddhist Monk education including pirivena have destroyed. The Buddhist monk and Buddhist leaders threatened, blackmailed, controlled, and killed. They intentionally destroy Buddhism, they destroy Tipitaka, what happened to Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka (Sinhala translations)? Tipitaka is easier to understand than Monk teachings. Tipitaka have not been available in School education or public. Very few Buddhists have read even sutta pitaka. Now there are many versions around., it was the only decent Buddhist website, terrorist has destroyed the content of it. Kiribathgoda chananda (Mahamewnawa Chief Monk), Pitiduwe samathra baddha, Ududumbara kashapa and many monks went overseas are given the mission of destroying Buddhist and Buddhism. As a result, citizens became stupid so they accountable for disabling the society. Because of their teachings, People do not have healthy self-esteem. they suffer inferiority complex thoughts. feel guilty about even uncommitted crime. Even well-educated people are becoming helpless when they got influenced by Terrorist monk.

There are Multi-billion Buddhist Terrorist Industry Building up as a Donations. No Buddhist got help, No Buddhist teaching have been available. These money have been used for terrorist activities.

Communication to

We need to access all your contact and public of the world know all the information you are going to provide. We will be asking further information to investigation if required? We will be providing clear guideline to provide your service better and eliminate risk from terrorists and legal problems.

This is about Sri Lanka and Theravada Buddhism. Terrorists and criminals hide in a as a Buddhist monk who are Systematically destroying the followers. We want to consistent Buddhist teaching to be maintain. We can not let people been manipulated, fool, disempowered, mislead, or use for crime or participate or use in terrorism. We want to protect and help true, honest, Buddhist teachers.


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