Calming our rights in Australia

I am suggesting Centrelink provide special space to provide important information about ourselves without any restriction

Special crisis help category to seek help without restriction

Enable Every citizens to claim their ownership of their free will, No Authority have ownership of anyone's life. Authority is there to provide service as client wants. Everyone have rights to refuse any service any time. Accountability and transparency to protect everyone who are doing right things. citizens can see consequences of their action. They have duty of care for them and other.

in system one persons mistake or criminal activity can not fallow through to operational layers. operation must empowered to responsible to question above line if the expected objectives not achieving. Operation have duty of care about that.

I will call 000, and Law enforcement when my life in danger. I am expecting their prompt intervention to protect my freedom and safety. I am the one know better about my life and my circumstances. I expect my voice have priority when dealing with my life matters. Sometimes I have been in very disadvantage positions after I got poison and forced medication which leads to poor decision making capacity. Somehow I have been extremely lucky to survive this far.

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