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As long as someone’s actions not bring any harm to them, others or the environment should others tolerate someone’s opposition for what he or she does? Why society so much opposed to miner things and try to control people same time they tolerate or neglect major issues which is so obvious of bring harm to themselves and many other?

Do you like to be looked after like a chicken in the cage? Who will be your guardian? Another human just like you? Or your so called leader Politician. What will happen if you give your consent to control by other?

Even you thought only god can guide you, then do you need agent to connect with god?

Do you really think you are free, your freedom not been violated or you just been ignorant what’s going on:

How free you are?

  • You control money or money control you

  • Are you the boss or boss control you

  • Are you operated by your own set of principles and guidelines or you been controlled by law and government

  • Do you stick to your core values and ethics because of you want to or because of religious fear

  • Do you behave in the way that you feel acceptable or you behave to have IMAGE and behave in a manner which other feel acceptable?

  • Do you have a mutual beneficial relationship or you been controlled or sacrificed for relationship

  • Can you find the truth out of fouls information or you have been controlled or influenced by media

  • Do you put yourself in the danger of national crisis? Do you march forward because so called leaders call you for national duty or do you really know what’s going on and do you have rights to do right things.

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