The Leadership Training

The leadership Story

The Greatest Leadership course  

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. —Lao Tzu

  • Introduction

  • Your leadership story so far

  • Leadership as a concepts

  • Leadership Myth

  • Causes of leadership failure

  • New paradigm of Leadership

  • Concept of power

  • Leadership traits

  • Leadership skills

  • How leaders get things done by other people

  • Different Leadership styles and behavioral flexibility

  • Leadership & ethics

  • Leadership & culture

  • How to measure leadership effectiveness

  • Analyzing Individual leadership potential and development plan/ leadership succession plan

  • Short stories on leadership

  • Leadership Quotes   

  • How do you plan to apply what you learn?

Your leadership story: finding leader within you

  • Why do you want to become leader first place (your motives?)

  • Challengers

  • How you overcome challengers

  • Leadership lesson you learned by doing

  • Other leadership training you participate; how do you apply them and their impact

  • Why do you want to participate or read this leadership course

  • What do you want to achieve as a leader? Your ultimate vision, mission and objectives in different areas of your life

  • How would you benefit personally?

  • How would your organization get benefited?

  • How would your community get benefited?

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