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I have conducted training program on following topics
1. Purposeful life
2. Learning skills and happy schools
3. Plan your life create your destiny
4. Goal setting and powerful problem solving
5. Governing system policy and structure
6. Defense policy
7. Health policy
8. Legal infrastructure development
9. Education policy , System Anne teacher training
10. Win win win negotiation and communication
11. poverty eradication
12. end terrorism and permanent World Peace
13. Entrepreneurship and leadership
14. Theravada Buddhism and mindfulness
15. Culture change

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Plan your Life create your destiny

Basic mindset and skills to success .

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Basics of governance of the country

from defense, welfare, law, education................. policymaking, governance system, strategy development everything will be covered

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Best negotiation template ever

To make enemy friends, learning with enemy, save time money and energy, solve problems and achieve goals and realize a dreams vision, feel the fulfilment.

Permanent peace to you, family, organization, country, region, world

To be a effective problem solver and Hero

Avoid war, fights, killings, torture, abuse

Heal Wounds


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Buddhist teachers standard

By name of Buddha or Buddhism there must be no crime

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Health policy

simplifying over complicated policy decision for the betterment of everyone

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Spiritual and religious analysis

Why we do what we do? better respect and eliminate religious tension. eliminate manipulation and crime by name of religion

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Buddhist teachers standard

No crime by the name of Buddha or Buddhism

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Learning Skills

Learning skills to make teachers and student life easy